Monday, 20 May 2013

Naughty pics, number one for business and the dog’s Bar Mitzvah

Some of my most prolific posts this week have been nothing to do with work at all. I belong to a Facebook group for people who grew up in this area – I haven’t moved far. I like it here. So someone irritated me by criticising the way the locality has changed since the 80s. Obviously it’s different – the demographic has shifted, housing estates have replaced some of the open spaces and streets are dirtier – no different to any other part of London.

Imaginative Training | @WeekendWitch | blogSo to demonstrate that beauty is everywhere if you just look, I posted a photo of the Victorian boating lake in our local park. Mature trees bordering duck filled dusky water reflected the early evening sunshine. The little boats bobbed under the weight of people laughing as they floated around and a long queue licked ice creams as they patiently waited their turn. I can’t remember exactly how many people liked the photo or commented on my post but it was a lot.

Things change. Geography is dynamic. And social media enables people to reconnect with the places and people they consider their roots. How fantastic that we can chat with people we didn’t know growing up – and some we did – about shared memories, joint reminiscences and long forgotten gossip. Obviously I advocate the benefits of Facebook for business, but this week has highlighted its social benefits in absolute clarity.

LinkedIn’s still my number one for business though – picked up two lovely new clients this week! One is a sensational business coach I’d connected with last year at a networking event and the other found me through a search for copywriters. As I said… the power of social media networking, eh?

Imaginative Training | @WeekendWitch | blog
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So continuing with the all-importantnetworking, I attended a Women in Business morning on Friday with my cousin Suzy, who recently set up an events management business. She made me laugh in the car on the way there, telling me about her latest booking – to cater for, and decorate… a dog’s Bar Mitzvah!! How funny is that?!

Angie called to tell me she’s signed up for Instagram and where am I? Well, I do have a profile there but I’ve never uploaded any pics – prefer Pinterest. Is it naughty for a social media consultant to not be posting pics on Instagram? One thing I tell my social media clients is that you don’t need to be everywhere… choose the platforms that suit you, your business and your customers. Angie also told me she reads this blog every week through Twitter. She thinks the lyrics are clever, so… this one’s for you. Remember it? “I met him at the candy store, he turned around and smiled at me – you get the picture?” Instagram picture? No. Pinterest? Yes. Or Twitter? Of course: @WeekendWitch.

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